“A Vision Without a Plan is a Pipe Dream.”

Act One

In The Swish of the Curtain (by Pamela Brown), seven children dreamt of creating their own theatre company as only seven children can in the world of early post-war literature.  They discussed their common goal and what they wanted to achieve. They shared their dream of performing; of writing and adapting different plays and stories, each of them contributing to the whole picture by playing to their strengths.  Nigel wanted to design and create the sets; Lynette wanted to adapt, write and direct; Jeremy wanted to oversee all the musical input; Sandra the wardrobe and costumes; Bulldog (Percy – too embarrassing he said) the comedic muscle; Vicky (his twin) the choreographer and Maddy the youngest, odd jobs and gofer. Defining their roles meant that no-one was left without tasks to fulfil.  What they had to source in order to motivate them then, was a venue where they could rehearse and perform in order to realise their collective dream or vision.

Act Two

When their sympathetic curate offered them the use of his dilapidated and disused church hall on the understanding that they would clean it; fix the broken parts; decorate it; clear it of rubbish and oversee its upkeep, suddenly reality was displacing the dream.  So they applied their individual skills – working as a team to achieve the common goal – until finally, they had their theatre and successfully provided their community with live entertainment impressing everybody far and wide with their talents. The Blue Door Theatre Company was born.


Perhaps your vision is to downsize; perhaps you have a probate project or perhaps you just want to restyle and declutter your existing space.  All of these are potentially large and possibly over-whelming prospects, that need a systematic approach and careful organisation and planning.  BlueDoorBespoke will work with you to fulfil your goal, erasing the stress by project managing from start to finish. No pipe dreams on our watch!

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