How many times have you been invited to an early morning network meeting, but have balked at the idea of having to be up and alert and in situ by 06.45?  In situ is quite often a Zoom call at home now, so not nearly as daunting as a commute prior to it.  FOMO doesn’t apply as readily either; the “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” mantra abandoned. Relevant communication creates the opportunity for new business relationships. It provides new information, direction and creativity, the ability to brainstorm, but it can also provide the opportunity for resolution. 

Jeremy Ellis is a mediator at PreFix Mediation whose remit is to help families resolve their differences without the need for lengthy – and costly – legal intervention, and to ensure that any dispute doesn’t cause irreparable damage to a relationship.  He says – “Bringing a new person in immediately changes the feel of a conversation, and without it, it would end in argument.”  He cites the case of a mother being moved into a care facility, and the three estranged siblings unable to agree on the division of her possessions. 


By slowing down the conversation allowing each of their feelings and concerns to be heard, the mediator was able to facilitate an agreement they could each sign up to.  They agreed to share the important items and sell any others.  Most importantly it provided them with the opportunity to secure future successful communication to do with their Mother’s onward wishes and did much to end their estrangement. 

When your business operation is crazy busy, networking and reaching out to new contacts, making new connections and generating new interest in the service or product about which you are passionate, is the thing that, inevitably, gets pushed to the sidelines.

Particularly potent for independent businesses, large or small, growth is dependent upon not only fulfilling existing obligations – albeit surpassing expectation – but by broadening awareness in potential new market spaces.  This is why, despite all the negativity and limits placed on us all throughout national lockdown and the ensuing current local lockdowns, at BDB we have actively sought to reach out, utilising the time that, under normal conditions, we’d not have had.

We are a niche business model, and as such we are largely able to adapt into the shape of our client needs in order to meet their goal/goals – a rectangular blue door with the ability to morph into a round hole.  We have found that whilst our business model doesn’t necessarily sit well with larger, more corporate models, but through conversation, explanation and understanding with the people to whom we know we can offer relevant support, new exciting connections have been made.  Happily BDB is becoming the new tool in many professional toolbags, and that’s a lot to do with successful and effective communication.

“Let your hook always be cast, because sometimes in the pool you least expect it, there will be fish.”

As a practical parallel, unexpected treasures have often appeared in unexpected places. 

A lost family photo album – a multigenerational record of a client’s family – was found in a kitchen drawer stashed underneath rolls of clingfilm, baking sheets and tin foil.  The client never worked out why that was its chosen hiding place, but was relieved and happy that the photos hadn’t been used to line any number of cake tins.

Thank you for reading and most importantly, stay safe and well.

Best Wishes –


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