The accumulation of consumer goods; contacts; business interests – even memories – has become increasingly easy to fulfil via online shopping; the ever burgeoning new social and business media platforms and the strength and persuasion of “influencers”.  In fact everywhere we look we are encouraged to desire and acquire.  Items that were trending yesterday will …

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Resolution and commitment – something that can’t be fulfilled without the other.  New Year Resolutions are doomed without a long lasting commitment to them, whether it’s “Commit to Get Fit”; giving up sugar and alcohol; getting your 10,000 daily steps done or even contributing to a pension scheme.  There will be no permanent or effective …

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Christmas is the time of year that historically we have been encouraged to reflect upon all the “gifts” we’ve received throughout the year.  In Dickensian times home-made pomanders – an orange spiked with cloves and hung with a ribbon to help disguise the smell of less than fresh and clean clothes and home – were …

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In order to fulfil the expectations of a client and in fact to enable to reach way beyond that, it often involves collaboration between any number of suppliers.  In order to sell a house it would be likely to involve a property agent or auctioneer; a surveyor; a conveyancing solicitor; gas, electricity, cable and water …

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If ever there was a buzzword about personal growth, becoming more “mindful” about ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, and thereby learning about who we are and what our motivations might be, is the one.  Is growing your business the same?   Is it as simple as planting your magic beans; watering them and watching the shoots extend …

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Pause August is, in many countries, traditionally the holiday month particularly if children are of school age.  It’s the time taken to step away from the freneticism; to take the foot off the gas and stop imitating bees trapped in a jam jar.  It is time to pause.  Mindfulness on a daily basis is advocated …

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Assumptions We’re told that initial impressions last. Apparently our subconscious makes a decision to do with trust and attraction; whether a person/item is a worthwhile time investment; whether someone is likely to fit into an existing business situation/culture or even whether a sofa looks comfortable, in a matter of seconds. When Susan Boyle strode awkwardly …

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Clearing out Christmas

If you have problems with clutter; with bursting shelves and drawers; with attics, under stair cupboards and that useful space (that was) on top of the wardrobe where the Christmas decoration boxes now are, then clearing down Christmas could be your real ticket to a less cluttered New Year. You’ll have received presents you can’t …

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