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The aim of Blue Door Bespoke is to provide the service you need prior to selling a property

We declutter, sort and organise together.

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Since 2013, Claire at Blue Door Bespoke has helped estates maximise their worth. When there is an estate or property that needs to be sorted through, it is usually in conjunction with downsizing or probate.

The parties trusted to do this need to free up a lot of time, effort and energy to see it all through to the end. The prospect of sorting through the contents of the property, deciding where it all needs to go and hoping that everything has been done correctly, is a gargantuan task. Enter Blue Door Bespoke.

We can assist you in any (Bespoke) way you need. From document search, finding items of value to auction or sell, or donate, to recycling and selling the property; Blue Door Bespoke can organise and oversee it all.

"Break anything overwhelming into bite sized chunks, and everything suddenly becomes do-able"


Blue Door Bespoke was founded by myself just over nine years ago when my ageing parents were faced with the inevitable downsizing from our family home.

Their prospect looked gargantuan, the process of organising it all, overwhelming…

Claire Potter

I just want you to know that whatever the task you're facing we are here to help you get the most out of it and take the pressure away - Claire

Opening the door to a different future is exciting and daunting in equal measure

We've seen a lot, learnt a lot & want to share it...

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Allowing any person into your home to place financial value upon it or its contents can be unpleasant

Allowing anyone into your home is a matter of trust


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Over the years we have been fortunate to touch so many peoples lives by leading them from a difficult situation to face, to that light at the end of the tunnel....

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Our most often asked questions and their answers...


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