Most frequent questions and answers

What Happens after I contact you?

We arrange a date for me to visit your property with you to see and understand the job. This stage is complimentary. 

Also, discuss what it is you are looking to achieve be it a probate project, downsizing, de- cluttering and/or setting the property for sale.

How long will the job take to complete?

This depends on the size of the job, its location and its complexities.  Going on past projects, it could take 20-40 working days, but this is something we would discuss and stay in close communication about.

Will you be on the project personally or do you start and leave others to action it?

I will be on the project personally, involved from start to finish.  I may enlist another pair(s) of hands however if we are up against the clock or the job demands it.

Can I be there with you?

Of course if you'd like to be - It's your property and your project 

Can you work to a deadline?

Yes of course. If it's tight, (as above) I will bring in some extra hands to help. 

So how does the process work?

On a probate project for example, once the family have taken everything that they want, I go through absolutely every nook and cranny, separating items out for auction or general sale; for charity; for repurposing and recycling or for just disposing of at the local Household Waste Site.

Can you clean the property when its clear?

We have cleaners available for this if needed. As an additional service. 

How far can you travel?

We will travel far and wide. We are currently based in Surrey UK. Travel expenses within a 40 mile radius of Godalming, Surrey, are included in the day rate 


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