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The aim of Blue Door Bespoke is to provide the service you need prior to selling a property in order to downsize or to realise equity in conjunction with probate.
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When my ageing parents were faced with the inevitable downsizing from our family home, their prospect looked gargantuan, the process of organising it all, overwhelming.  So I stepped in and took the job in hand with the help of my son ‘Charlie’. Some pieces were claimed by the family; others needed to be auctioned or sold. Much needed to be sorted for resale via their chosen charity shop(s) donations, and what wasn’t saleable,  I recycled responsibly at the local household recycling centre where much was given for up-cycling workshops or donated to local community projects. 

Some pieces they really didn’t want to part with, but couldn’t see an immediate use for, so were repurposed to fit the space in their new apartment.  When they moved we worked with them to style and arrange their new space, taking their changing practical needs into account, so that it felt like home again.  

There is a lot of emotion tied in to moving house or selling a childhood home.  Memories are precious and need to be respected as such, not ridden over rough shod or dismissed as part of a financial transaction.  Entrusting someone else, not necessarily related personally with these memories and possessions, however small or large, is not to be under-estimated.   

Many similar projects later – whether to do with downsizing, probate and estate, or straightforward decluttering – we launched Blue Door Bespoke and have been referred many times since by the solicitors, estate agents, or other professionals involved in the process.  

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Something important I want you to know is at its heart Blue Door, is a bespoke provision, sensitively planning and organising what needs doing with the client and/or their family, step by step, working to the desired timescale, preceding the final removal process. So no single client will ever use us in the same way as another. Which is why we are always looking forward to working with someone new.

We are bespoke in every service we provide.

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The name Blue Door was inspired, fittingly, by my Mother’s favourite childhood book – “The Swish of the Curtain” by Pamela Brown...

Seven children form a theatre company but need a rehearsal space/performance venue.  Their sympathetic curate agrees to loan them his dilapidated church hall after they agree to redecorate it, the entrance to which is revealed from behind a mountain of ivy and through a faded blue door.  The Blue Door Theatre Company was thus born.

We declutter/sort/organise together, as a new set of eyes – and reasoning – is the only way to achieve this effectively.

Where a property needs to be sold, we will project manage it’s sale by referring it to an independent agent (or agency) who work collaboratively, focussing on client care.

Where items need to be auctioned or sold, we will arrange for an auctioneer to visit the site for advice, guidance and/or valuations.  We will also dispose of unwanted items that can be resold rather than auctioned to the charity/charities of your choice.

We can remove general rubbish that can be recycled at a local household waste site. This does not include building materials but we bring in licensed external help for responsible disposal.

If there are items that are in need of an update; a repair; a new lease of life or repurposing, we have a network of trusted upholsterers, French polishers and furniture restorers to hand.

A final word from us...

Depending on the home, it’s size and  your needs our approach will always be unique to you.

If you like what you’ve read, here’s my recommendation – have a read of some of the blogs on the website 

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With kind regards and best wishes, 

Yours sincerely, 

Claire Potter 


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