In order to fulfil the expectations of a client and in fact to enable to reach way beyond that, it often involves collaboration between any number of suppliers.  In order to sell a house it would be likely to involve a property agent or auctioneer; a surveyor; a conveyancing solicitor; gas, electricity, cable and water companies, and even Blue Door Bespoke for example.  Within that collaborative matrix are individuals or teams of individuals who, if they’re working together efficiently, will complete their contribution to the project successfully.

“Teams operate with either a leader who wears a crown, or with democratic group discussion.” (Professor Steve Peters).

Regardless of whether this is applied to either a one person team or a multi-person team, it necessitates the ability to be both a conscientious project director and a highly effective communicator so that information gained or actions taken are recorded exactly and forwarded to the relevant parties.  Whilst you’d think this glaringly obvious, the amount of frustration caused by “left hand not speaking to right” or lack of inclusion, is not a rare occurrence, and directly affects the balance of trust between the “team” and the client.  Lack of information whilst waiting in the departure lounge about a delayed flight is (was) a case in point.

Raising the Baa is a company dedicated to team building using the metaphor and medium of sheep.  Managing Director (aka Top Dog) Caroline Palmer says that whilst being part of a team, the overall efficiency of that team increases dramatically when each individual understands how the other individuals operate within it.  “A team building course unearths leadership qualities; increased self-confidence, interpersonal and engagement skills and understanding different communication styles – all important components if you are part of a wider operation.”

Working within a team of colleagues pre-supposes that all will be working through similarly productive and effective actions and decisions, in order to fulfil the same end.  If this is one team in one department, and one department out of three or four, all ostensibly working to that common goal, there is obviously going to be a more complex and less direct response system to any change or adjustment needed to fulfil an action.

BDB has a very niche business model and as such can and must be, entirely client led.  We have the freedom to build the team that we need specifically around the project in hand – literally a “build a bear” type response.  

Not every job will require more than one pair of hands; or a relevant museum’s involvement; a postcard specialist (for example) or a surveyor, so it’s a different type of teamwork, brought together from the ubiquitous little black book, filled with our extended team of trusted colleagues and suppliers, all of whom work with the same ethos and in a similar way to BDB.

Sonal Rebheru  – Senior Consultant Residential Property Solicitor at Setfords Solicitors – says that she puts the growth of her consultancy practice down to two main factors: communication and efficiency.  “As buying/selling a home can be a very stressful experience for the client, if they are unable to reach the person they are relying on to make it happen, or aren’t kept informed of progress, both stress levels and dissatisfaction increase. In addition, being able to respond quickly is key – whether that be to clients, agents or other solicitors”.  

Interior designers have long maintained the need to team and combine colours – if they are toning, harmonious or complimentary; whether they are primary, secondary or tertiary colours – in order to bring a design together.  

Couturier Cristobel Balenciaga maintained that success as a couturier was rooted in the ability to be a one-person team, as they must be “…. An architect in planning; a sculptor in form; a painter in colour; a musician in harmony and a philosopher in proportion.”

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